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Open Source Software for Universities and Faculties (Open Source University Support System)
last updated: 2002-09-09
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2002-02-12: For the most up-to-date news about OpenUSS please go to the OpenUSS User Community!
We've moved our news page to the OpenUSS User Community, so it is easier for us to update the news.

2002-01-22: CampusSource and OpenUSS at LearnTec 2002 in Karlsruhe, Germany!
Join us at the LearnTec 2002 from 5th until 8th February 2002 in Karlsruhe. More details please look at the OpenUSS Community! We will put all the most up-to-date news at our community site.

2001-12-12: Re-open of OpenUSS Community!
We re-open the OpenUSS Community with three different languages (English, German and Indonesian language). More about this, just click here. We are using OpenUSS itself to build this community ;-)

2001-11-20: New map for our reference implementation!
Many thanks to Torsten for providing us with the German's map! Now we know where we all actually want to study ;-)

2001-10-19: New instance of OpenUSS in Darmstadt!
Thanks to Michael Eichberg, who installed the third instance of reference implementation for OpenUSS at the University of Darmstadt! If you have an installation of OpenUSS please inform us, so we can put it in our reference implementation list.

2001-10-17: The Result of OpenUSS and FSL in Jakarta, Indonesia
The summary of Lofi Dewanto's visit in Jakarta, Indonesia for OpenUSS is now available.

2001-10-16: Two new software in CampusSource!
CampusSource accepted two new software in its portal. CampusSource is an Open Source organization, which is supported by "Das Ministerium fuer Schule, Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany".

2001-10-01: OpenUSS reached 5000 dowloads!
According to SourceForge statistics OpenUSS has reached 5000 downloads!

2001-08-22: OpenUSS and FSL in Jakarta, Indonesia!
Lofi Dewanto will present OpenUSS and FSL in One Day Seminar "E-LEARNING, Gateway To The World". The seminar will be held in Jakarta on 06 October 2001. Click here for the banner!

2001-08-22: Article about NetBeans, FSL and OpenUSS at the NetBeans site
This article outlines how Open Source Software can support the educational process in general and teaching and learning the Java programming language in particular. The relationship between the NetBeans Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment), FSL (Freestyle Learning) and OpenUSS (Open University Support System) will be shown as an integrated process of teaching and learning in the university environment.
Read the article at:

2001-08-22: The result of our opinion poll for using OpenUSS from Muenster's students
This is the result of our opinion poll from one of the lecture, we offered in the last semester (in German language). Many thanks to all students, who participated in this opinion poll!

2001-07-22: New instance of OpenUSS in Leipzig!
Thanks to our member Torsten Menzel, who installed the second instance of reference implementation for OpenUSS at the University of Leipzig!

2001-06-05: OpenUSS and Freestyle Learning at WEM 2001 in Vancouver
We were at World Education Market 2001 in Vancouver to show these both projects. Freestyle Learning (FSL) is going Open Source in the couple of weeks. So we are going to integrate FSL with OpenUSS to become the Open Source E-Learning Platform! Stay tuned!

2001-05-05: OpenUSS at JAX 2001 (Java Apache XML Conference in Frankfurt, Germany)
Lofi Dewanto has presented Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture with OpenUSS at JAX in Frankfurt (in German).
Speaker detail:
E29 Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture: OpenUSS
You can download the presentation materials just right here "OpenUSS in Jax2001".

2001-04-10: German Online articles about Open Source and Java
Thank's to the German Java Magazin! They provide us with the online version of the Open Source and Java special edition. Other online articles can be found there as well.

2001-04-06: Opening of the CampusSource!
The CampusSource software download area is now open! We also already upgraded our download area. For the developers: all the sourcecodes of OpenUSS are now available at the cvs tree. We also have some new articles for Open Source and CampusSource (in German).

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