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Open Source Software for Universities and Faculties (Open Source University Support System)
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Main and Basic Technology of OpenUSS

Multi Tier Architecture will be used to make the separation between the layers more easily. The Groups are divided into:

We decided to use this main technology to design, implement, test and support OpenUSS: J2EE (Java2 Enterprise Edition) from JavaSoft. Also we will use other Open Source technologies available at the market.

We also need some development environment to make modelling and implementing OpenUSS easily. Therefore we will use development tools listed below:

  • Modelling and documenting the system
    To model the system we use UML (Unified Modeling Language). For this reason we need a tool supporting UML. Argo/UML is the choice because of its Open Source nature. Other diagrams should use the standard format such as jpg and gif. Readme, instruction and other files have to use text or html format.
  • Implementing the system
    J2EE or Java2 with its extensions will be used to implement the system. To make this easier you can choose your own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Borland JBuilder Foundation or other. To have all the source codes in the same format we offer templates.
  • Versioning the system
    To support concurrent development through internet Open Source CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is choosen. We will have anynomous and password protected access to CVS.
  • Operating system
    All existed operating systems should be supported. Development OS should be Linux.
  • Database
    Database will be used to save all data. The database should be interchangeable. HypersonicSQL will be used as an implementation database.
  • Application Server and EJB Server
    To implement the business objects and the presentations Enhydra 3 and JOnAs 2 will be used. With the coming Enhydra Enterprise it will not necessary to install JOnAs separately because JOnAs will become an integral part of Enhydra Enterprise.

To learn more about OpenUSS please look at the architecture part.


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